Systemic Therapy

System-/Family Therapy – Continuing Education Regulations

The most comprehensive and practice-oriented advanced training program currently available internationally. They start their own system therapies with clients and patients under guidance and supervision in the teaching practice already during the advanced training.

System therapy is a therapeutic procedure that understands the individual in the context of his or her relationships to the social environment. The integration of the individual into the family, the circle of friends, the working world and the social institutions is decisive for his world view, his feelings and sensations, his desires, longings and concerns.

In the context of system therapy, “problems” or “symptoms” are not understood as an expression of an individual pathology, but as attempts to find solutions that do justice to the different motives, needs and goals of a social system.

However, “symptom” attempts to solve problems are “emergency solutions” because they always have painful consequences for the individual and the social system.

This calls for new solution patterns that better meet the individual and system-related requirements for satisfactory development. System therapy uses the creative solution potential, the resources of an individual, a family, a group, various institutions involved in a problem, to make the constricting “emergency solution” superfluous.

The basic idea is that every person and every system is in principle capable of creatively developing new patterns or successfully transferring existing solutions to problem areas. The therapeutic conversation offers a protected space to initiate, structure and accompany this creative transformation process.

The system therapeutic advanced training qualifies in a special way for work in outpatient and inpatient pedagogical-psychological workplaces and counselling centres, e.g. school psychological counselling, child and youth counselling, intercultural migration work, schools, homes, penal system, probation assistance, clinics, therapeutic practices, etc.

Further Training Concept

The extra-occupational advanced training course “System Therapy” teaches theoretical and pragmatic application-related concepts of system theory and therapy in thematic seminars. On the other hand, the working possibilities with special problem systems, the basics of systemic individual and couple therapy, crisis intervention as well as the context conditions of therapeutic work are learned.

The personal development of the training candidates is promoted by self-awareness seminars and the professional work is accompanied by continuous supervision.

Through reflection of theory and practice in peer group work, the overall process of the further training course is supplemented in individual aspects and theory and application-related questions are dealt with.

A one-week special seminar on the main topic of “therapist personality” deepens the further training and concludes with the examination to become a “system therapist – family therapist”.

Admission requirements

– Studies in psychology, pedagogy, social work, social education, medicine or a completed education in a psychosocial, pedagogical or nursing profession.

– possibility of working with individuals, couples, families and social systems

– Self-therapy/self-experience desired

Structure of the training

The further training to become a “system therapist – family therapist” lasts approx. 3 1/2 years, which usually means one weekend per month.

The total number of training units is 888 AE (theory, practice, supervision and self-awareness) + 160 AE in the peer group, a total of 1048 AE.

The further training corresponds to the guidelines of the professional associations.

– 480 AE weekend seminars with theory and practice (30 weekends)

– 160 AE Peer group

– 160 AE Supervision (10 weekends)

– 80 AE Thematic Seminars (5 weekends)

– 16 AE special seminar ( 1 weekend)

– 112 AE self-awareness (7 weekends of which min. 3 in human psychodrama)

– 40 AE Therapist personality (5 days block)

Contents of the training course

Fundamentals of Systems Theory and Therapy

– History of Systems Theory

– Fundamentals of constructivism

– System Therapeutic Concepts:

Analytical system therapy, structural system therapy, development-oriented system therapy, the Palo-Alto approach, the Milan approach, solution-oriented approaches.

The System Therapeutic Process

– Initial interview, system recognition and hypothesis formation

– Choice of setting and contract formation

– Therapy plan, access dimensions and process diagnostics

– Contract modification, working with subsystems

– Closing and farewell

Techniques of system therapy

– Joining, Pacing, Leading

– Reframing

– Paradoxical Intervention

– Circular and solution-oriented questioning

– Homework and prescriptions

– Family sculpture

– Family genogram

– Working with metaphors and symbols

Thematic Seminars – Special Problem Systems

– System therapy for special symptoms such as addiction, psychosomatics, violence, sexual abuse, suicidal tendencies

– Crisis intervention 

– Individual Systemic Therapy

– Systemic couple therapy 

– Context conditions of therapeutic work 

Self-awareness seminars

– Psychodrama self-experience

– Systemic self-experience

Peer group meeting

– to process the theory, work on presentation topics, peer supervision, further training questions.

Seminars and their topics

Seminar 1Introduction to the schools of psychotherapy – system therapy – 1st order cybernetics
Seminar 2Concepts of 2nd order cybernetics
Seminar 3Human Communication I
Seminar 4Human Communication II
Seminar 5Analytical Family Therapy I
Seminar 6Analytical Family Therapy II
Seminar 7Structural family therapy
Seminar 8Developmental family therapy
Seminar 9Paolo Alto Approach
Seminar 10Milan Approach
Seminar 11Solution-oriented short-term therapy
Seminar 12Narrative and dialogical therapy
Seminar 13Discussion with the approach of Bert Hellinger
Seminar 14The initial discussion, collection and evaluation of preliminary information
Seminar 15Structure of the initial interview, “classical variant
Seminar 16Structure of the initial interview, “solution-oriented variant
Seminar 17Hypno-systemic consulting
Seminar 18Evaluation of the initial interview
Seminar 19Variants of Feedback – Therapeutic Commentary
Seminar 20Written commentary
Seminar 21Contract proposal and negotiation
Seminar 22Therapy planning, access dimensions
Seminar 23Process diagnostics
Seminar 24Closing and farewell
Seminar 25Evaluation and Assessment
Seminar 26Working with Subsystems and Contract Modifications
Seminar 27Working with Parental Subsystems
Seminar 28Working with Marital Subsystems
Seminar 29Working with children
Seminar 30Working with cross-generational systems
Seminar 31Individual Systemic Therapy
Seminar 32Contract modification
Seminar 33Methods and techniques of system and family therapy
Seminar 34Circular questioning
Seminar 35Solution-oriented questioning
Seminar 36Reflecting Team
Seminar 37Cooperative discussion moderation
Seminar 38Homework and prescriptions
Seminar 39Sculptures
Seminar 40Reframing
Seminar 41Working with metaphors and symbols
Seminar 42Special problem systems
Seminar 43Violence
Seminar 44Sexual abuse
Seminar 45Suicidal tendency
Seminar 46Addiction
Seminar 47Psychosomatics
Seminar 48Systemic single/pair therapy
Seminar 49Crisis intervention
Seminar 50Context conditions of therapeutic work
Seminar 51Genogram
Seminar 52Humanistic Psychodrama 1
Seminar 53Humanistic Psychodrama 2
Seminar 54Humanistic Psychodrama 3

Abschluss und Prüfung

– Proof of participation in all advanced training courses 

– Proof of 160 AE Supervision (including live or video demonstrations, case reviews)

– Detection of 20 peer group meetings

– Written presentation of a system therapy (at least 40 DIN A4 pages)

– Written presentation on a theoretical topic (at least 15 DIN A4 pages)  

– Exam


The total cost of further training to become a family/system therapist, including psychodrama self-experience, supervision and theory seminars, is € 6,300 plus VAT.

If necessary, a subsidy or financial aid can be applied for from our association.

Administration and Organization

Application with:

– proof of professional and/or university certificates)

– Curriculum vitae

– 1 photo

– Motivation for further training

– Presentation of previous therapeutic or consulting experience

A training contract is concluded.