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Technical Instructions

Follow the general technical instructions for preparation of manuscripts and figures.

  • Software: The preferred word-processing program is MS-Word. Other commonly used text programs are also accepted.
  • Revisions: Please mark revisions in your manuscript in response to reviewer’s or editor’s comments clearly. When submitting the revised version, please also enclose a point-to-point reply to the reviewers’ comments (page, line, paragraph, etc.) explaining how you have dealt with the comments.
  • Copy Editing: All manuscripts accepted for publication by ICCPP are subject to copy editing. The publisher reserves the right to edit the manuscript and decide on the layout.
  • Text Formatting: In addition to the individual journal’s ‘Guidelines for Authors’, the following basic rules should be observed:
      • Do not use any special page layout.
      • Submit your text, tables, and illustrations as separate files.
      • Your text should be entered continuously flush left.
      • Do not use hard returns (‘enter’) within a paragraph. Use a hard return only to mark the end of a paragraph.
      • Do not justify text.
      • Do not use header and footer functions.
      • Do not split words at the end of a line.
      • Do not indent text anywhere in your manuscript or in the references.
      • Use the automatic line numbering and page numbering functions.
      • Headings should be aligned flush left. Do not center them, space them or write them in uppercase letters.
      • Use italics as well as sub and superscript letters/numbers where appropriate. (Do not use superscript numbers for references.)
      • Use uppercase letters only for abbreviations. Do not space individual words for emphasis.


  • Must be prepared in WORD.
  • PDF or EXCEL files are not accepted.
  • Must be prepared as separate files; do not integrate tables in the main text Components: heading, head and body and, if necessary, footnotes;
  • Do not use spaces; use the tabulator


  • Submit original data, especially for line art, if possible.
  • Please submit your images in one of the following formats:
    pixel file: psd, tif, jpg, png, bmp, pdf,
    vector file: eps, ai, ppt, pdf.
  • Must be prepared as separate files; do not integrate figures in the manuscript (WORD file).
  • Depiction of Humans in Images: The inclusion of an image of a person must comply with our Ethics guidelines as described in the Editorial and Journal policies, please see the journal guidelines for more information. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written informed consent to publish the image from the individual(s) or their guardian/next of kin.
  • Reproduction of Third-Party Images/Materials: It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that third-party material reproduced in their manuscript is compliant with any applicable copyright license. It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reuse the material(s), including the payment of any associated licensing fee.

  • Multimedia Files: Multimedia files should be in MPEG, AVI or QuickTime formats.
  • Queries on Submitted Papers: If you have a question about a paper you have submitted to our journal, please contact us at
  • Self-Archiving: ICCPP Journal permits authors to archive their accepted manuscripts on their personal or institution’s servers but articles may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • DOI: ICCPP utilizes Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) in bibliographic data to facilitate unique and persistent identification of research material.
  • Reference Management: References should be in APA format.

Other Publishing Projects

We have the capacity and publishing expertise to disseminate scientific information worldwide. Send us an outline of your project and our editorial office will contact you with an offer tailored to your specific needs.

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