Humanistic psychodrama. Practical training with theoretical accompaniment

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann
Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann

Topic: Humanistic Psychodrama. Practical training with theoretical accompaniment

Management: Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann

Date: 23rd to 27th September 2013 (Seminar from Monday to Friday)

Hans-Werner founded the Humanistic Psychodrama in the 80s and did pioneering work for the film documentation. Prof. Gessmann is the author of many empirical studies on humanistic psychodrama and is the author of more than 120 publications in various fields of psychology.

In 1973 Hans-Werner founded the Bergerhausen Psychotherapeutic Institute in Duisburg, which trained more than 1,500 therapists in humanistic psychotherapy.

Psychodrama has established itself in recent decades as a proven form of psychotherapy in which role plays and therapeutic theatre are integrated into the therapeutic framework. Humanistic psychodrama as a form of therapy can be used for special treatment groups, but also as a training method in other application areas. For example, psychodramatic methods can be used in hospitals, therapeutic communities and outpatient problem groups. Humanistic psychodrama is popular and effective in therapeutic work with children, in gerontotherapy for the elderly and in the treatment of addictions.

During the psychodrama session, psychodrama group participants, together with a psychodrama leader/therapist, create a situation in which a group member representing the group topic is given a wide space to present his current situation with the group and to change it in such a way that it is experienced in the most meaningful and productive way. When a balance is achieved between the feelings of the participants and those of the protagonist, an expressive state of spontaneity emerges. The scene design receives new perspectives and new potentials for action. The experienced world changes.

Program contents:

(working hours from 16.00 to 20.00)

Monday, April 22nd:
Humanistic Psychology and Psychotherapy

Tuesday, April 23rd:
Practical training work with the methods of Humanistic Psychodrama

Wednesday, April 24: Practical training work with the methods of humanistic psychodrama

Thursday, April 25th:
Practical training work with the methods of Humanistic Psychodrama

Friday, April 26th:
Practical Training Work with the Methods of Humanistic Psychodrama – Final Reflection

A unique opportunity to take part in the German-Russian language training at the highest level, which an expert in this field offers. (For Russian participants will be provided a simultaneous translation).

The International Center for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Kostroma State University named after NA Nekrasov invites you to participate in the program!

Upon completion of the program, each participant receives a certificate from the International Center for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, in collaboration with the International Academy of Distance Learning and Professional Development.

Registration deadline is 15 September 2013. Places are limited!

For arriving participants we provide assistance in the organization of the hotel business and gastronomy.