Energetic Psychology – Practical Training with Theoretical Accompaniment

Lecturer Maria Marta Schmitz

Topic: Energetic Psychology. Practical training with theoretical accompaniment.

Conducted by: Lecturer Maria Marta Schmitz

Date: April 08th – 12th, 2013 (Monday – Friday)

It was the Australian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Diamont and the American psychologist Roger Callahan who were the first to rediscover what traditional Chinese medicine already knew about 5000 years ago:

By stimulating the acupuncture points on the meridians (today’s TCM uses needles), mental and physical well-being can be achieved.

For about 10 years now (e.g. by Fred Gallo, Rainer Franke, Michael Bohne) different tapping techniques have been combined, improved, simplified and spread with rapid speed.

Although not yet scientifically researched, the “Meridian Energy Techniques” (as Rainer Franke calls them) could probably begin their triumphal march because their simplicity and effectiveness is obvious and can be verified by everyone himself.

In addition, we deal extensively with beliefs and convictions that determine our lives and cause suffering. We learn about an effective intervention by Byron Katie “the work” and apply it in practice.

Program contents:

Monday, April, 08th 2013

We deal with the advantages of tapping techniques and exercise them practically:

  • Tapping techniques are easy to learn.
  • You work very fast. (A phobia, e.g. fear of spiders or flying, usually disappears after an hour.
  • Everyone can use it for himself.
  • They can be used as independent treatment in counseling, therapy and coaching.
  • They find their place in conventional therapies in which they fit in well, as they take up little time and are more effective in certain problem areas (anxiety disorders, panic, trauma, phobias) than all other therapy methods.

Wednesday, April 10th 2013

MET for advanced users

  • Attempts to treat fear, anger, fury, hate by oneself.
  • Guilt and forgiveness.
  • Tapping on incriminating experiences from the past.
  • Treatment of a trauma according to Rainer Franke, (if possible with demonstration).

Byron Katie

Thursday, April, 11th 2013 

Our thoughts are energy and determine our lives.

  • Introduction to the life and work of Byron Katie.
  • What’s “The Work”? How and when can I use “The Work”?
  • Practical exercises.

Friday, April 12th 2013

How can I implement what I have learned for myself and in my work?

  • MET and The Work in conjunction with conventional therapies.
  • Role reversal and duplication in humanistic psychodrama.
  • How do meridian techniques and methods of humanistic psychodrama complement each other?

Tuesday, April 9th 2013

The MET treatment at a glance, understanding and practicing it.

  • To stand by his problems – to name feelings and convictions.
  • The breathing equilibrium exercise – right and left brain hemisphere should be in equilibrium.
  • Activate thymus gland – strengthen life energy.
  • Healing point, healing sentence – accept and love what is.
  • Tapping the acupuncture points – dissolving stressful feelings and thoughts.
  • Back of the hand series – for further weakening of the negative feeling.
  • Review – Has the old problem been resolved? Are there any new problems?

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