Well-being and mental health 2 - Gessmann

Lee Justin Rodina

The humanistic psychology, simply put, is the concentrated perspective in an individual and his/her self-actualization in a holistic approach. The individual itself is the most important part of humanistic psychology.

It encourages a shift of the state of mind and behavioral changes in a more positive light. It is necessary that we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the people around us, accept them as they are, and change willingly in a positive approach.

A certain psychotherapeutic method used to gain insights and understanding of other people’s lives is the psychodrama. Developed by American psychiatrist Jacob Moreno, the psychodrama is a group psychotheraphy, in which German psychologist Hans-Werner Gesmann founded the humanistic approach of it. It involves role-playing and dramatization to enact the problematic situations in clients’ lives in order for the therapist and the participants to contemplate, evaluate, and reflect their behaviors so as to gain deeper understanding of those particular life situations. As a result, the participants may have a shift of awareness to change their behaviors in a positive way.