Dipl.-Germ. Elena Simova

Elena Symova is a qualified German and English teacher and has been working as a research assistant for Prof. Gessmann since 2009. In particular, she is responsible for scientific publications in the Russian language and simultaneously translates the lecture and seminar work.


2006 graduated with distinction from the middle general education school №4 Nerechas and began studying at the foreign language faculty of the Kostroma State Nekrasov University
2009 Start of work as a simultaneous interpreter and scientific assistant for lectures and seminars focusing on “clinical psychology”, “systemic family therapy” and “humanistic psychodrama” with Professor Hans-Werner Gessmann at the Nekrasov University in Kostroma; Started working as a translator of scientific texts (German-Russian, Russian-German)
2010 Participation in seminars on methods of family therapy work at the PIB Training, Diagnostics and Therapy Center GmbH, Duisburg, Germany
2011 work as an English teacher in kindergarten № 65 in Kostroma
2011 thesis on the topic: “The Discourse of Young People in the Modern German Language” (Scientific Director – Candidate of Philology, Doz. Belopuchova O.V.)
2011 Diploma with distinction for the profession of German and English teacher from the Kostroma State Nekrasov University
2012 work as a German and English teacher in the general education school №4 Nerechas
2013 work as head of the international office at the Kostroma State Nekrasov University
2019 work as an English teacher in the children’s center “Brilliant” in Kostroma