Дипл.-социолог Хюля Бауэр

Hülya Bauer

Hülya Bauer, graduate social scientist and systemic family counsellor/therapist, born 1982 in Duisburg, Germany

Language skills: German, Turkish, English

  • 07/2012 freelance as systemic family counsellor/co-therapist i.A. for the city of Oberhausen
  • 12/2011 Systemic Therapist / Family Therapist at the Psychological Institute for Bergerhausen (PiB) in Duisburg, Germany
  • 2011 Member of the Förderkreis für psychosoziale Förderung (Association for Psychosocial Promotion)
  • 2011-2012 Member of VFL-Duisburg
  • 08/2008 full-time social pedagogue in the field of outpatient assisted living for people with a mental and spiritual illness, 2 years for the city of Essen, more than 2.5 years for the city of Oberhausen
  • 08/2008 Graduate social scientist with a degree in social work and education at the University of Duisburg-Essen
  • 02/2005-09/2007 Staff member at the Institute for Evaluation in Cologne
  • 01/2005 Fitness aerobics trainer
  • 08/2004-10/2004 voluntary work as school social worker in Chemnitz in the Don Bosco House
  • 2004-2007 Member of the German Fitness and Aerobics Association
  • 2003 Trainer for argumentation against regulars’ table slogans after Klaus-Peter Hufer