Emotional intelligence - Elena Oladova

Emotional competence is a term used in the field of social psychology, vocational and adult education, and in commercial personnel consulting and coaching. It arose as part of the discussion of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) versus IQ and is used by different authors with different meanings. The concept of emotional competence originally came from Salovey and Mayer (1989) and was popularized by Daniel Goleman (1996). It is often used as a synonym for emotional intelligence because emotional competence is linked to and based on emotional intelligence. A certain level of emotional intelligence is required to learn certain skills related to emotions.

Definition of terms

Emotional competence is the ability to deal with one’s own feelings and those of others, to evaluate them correctly in a specific context in order to avoid stress and not allow conflicts to escalate. This should also be independent of whether you are dealing with your own personal emotions or the emotions of other people.

Another definition describes an altruistic approach. There is a personal concern to promote the development of fellow human beings with the help of one’s own experiences. In social-communicative development, this approach is the third step after emotional intelligence and social skills.


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