Ethics for Publisher

Duties of the Publisher

Guardianship of the scholarly record

As the publisher of a clinical psychology journal, we recognize the crucial role we play in ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record. We are committed to upholding ethical practices and supporting the efforts of our journal editors and peer reviewers in maintaining the highest standards of scientific research and publication. Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that best practices are followed, and that any potential ethical issues are identified and addressed promptly and appropriately.

Safeguard editorial independence

We are committed to ensuring that editorial decisions are made based solely on the scientific merit of the research and the quality of the manuscript, without any undue influence from advertising, reprint, or other commercial revenue. We will take all necessary steps to safeguard editorial independence and ensure that the integrity of the peer review process is maintained.

Collaborate to set industry best practice

We believe in collaborating with other publishers and industry associations to set industry standards for best practices on ethical matters, errors, and retractions. We will offer our journal editors membership of relevant committees and organizations, to help promote and maintain these standards.

Provide editors with technical, procedural & legal support

We understand that editors may require technical, procedural, or legal support to effectively manage their journals. We are committed to providing such support to our editors where necessary, and will work with them to address any issues that arise in the publication process.

Educate researchers on publishing ethics

We believe that education and awareness are key to upholding ethical standards in scientific publishing. As such, we will provide extensive education and advice on publishing ethics standards to our authors, reviewers, and editors, particularly for early career researchers. We will also provide guidance on how to report any potential ethical concerns or breaches.

By adhering to these ethics guidelines, we are committed to promoting the highest standards of scientific research and publication in the field of clinical psychology.