Dr. Kinga Gajda

Dr. Kinga Anna Gajda is a specialist in theatre and drama as well as European studies. Cultural studies is her current research discipline.

In 2007, she defended her doctorate in literature. She is the author of two books: Medea today. Reflections on the woman as the Other and Educational role of the museum.

Now she is working on the issue the theatre of the disabled.

Dr. Gajda has extensive experience in conducting and participating in scientific and didactic projects in Poland and abroad, including Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary and Ukraine. She is the author of the concept of transformational (therapeutic) pedagogical drama. She published several volumes of transforming dramas and wrote many articles about the drama. Among others, she cooperated with the European Center of Educational Resilience at the University of Malta, where she conducted research on the use of transformational drama in primary education. She compared the effectiveness of using drama in Polish and Maltese schools. She used the therapy based on the transformational drama in her work with prisoners, students in a youth and resocialization centre, as well as with children in an orphanage.

In her research she was inspired among others by humanistic psychodrama. She began working with professor doctor Hans-Werner Gessmann. With professor doctor Gessmann she published two books in Polish on humanistic psychodrama as group psychotherapy and its application in the therapy of children and youth.