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German-Russian Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Health

Several million people from the countries of the former Soviet Union live in Germany. Their everyday lives span two cultures, languages and lifestyles – a task that demands a lot from everyone, but not everyone succeeds equally well. Many feel overwhelmed by this situation. Social isolation, resignation or even mental illness are often the result.

The German-Russian Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Health (DRGPP) wants to support Russian-speaking migrants in breaking through this negative spiral of development and strengthening their psychosocial resources.

The DRGPP wants to improve the psychosocial care of Russian-speaking migrants in Germany.

The DRGPP is important for direct contact with Russian-speaking migrants. The society’s task also includes the organization of events for migrants which serve to promote mental health.

In addition, the DRGPP sees itself as a forum for all professional groups in the psychosocial field who work with Russian-speaking people in Germany or are interested in this work with the aim of establishing a network of mutual support with them.

The society also aims to promote contact and exchange with colleagues in Russian-speaking countries.

The German-Russian Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Health (DRGPP) was founded in spring 2009. It pursues the following goals.

Strengthening the professional exchange between professionals from Germany and CIS countries working in the psychosocial field. Promotion of the intercultural opening of the institutions:

through conferences and symposia
Information and scientific publications on the homepage of the DRGPP
Improving psychosocial care for Russian-speaking migrants

Cooperation with specialist committees and political bodies
public relations
Direct promotion of the psychosocial health of Russian-speaking migrants:

Information events that serve education and prevention